Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Secrets We Keep

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you know you did something wrong, but instead of confessing you just kept a straight face while denying any knowledge of it?

I can't think of anytime in particular, but I know I've done it at least a few times.  Not saying that I'm proud of doing so, but sometimes it was the easier way out. And just to clarify, I'm not talking about big, bad, illegal things, I'm referring smaller things like eating someone else's sandwich from the work fridge, or pretending to be sick just to avoid hanging out with your friends, and to clarify again, those were examples, I have not done any of those before nor do I ever plan to.

I'm not sure if my dream was hinting at anything in particular, but it did feel like it had something to say about the matter of concealment.

I was back in high school and was on a field trip with my class.  We were walking through the city and taking note of wildlife activity.  There wasn't much to see for the most part, just old buildings and empty parks, the trip was pretty boring so far.  Then we started walking underneath a large, stone bridge with a nearby pond and there was a family of ducks.  They were jumping into the pond from a small grassy hill; they were so cute, there were a lot of little ducklings :D  
Then all of a sudden a stream of fire and gas erupts from the ground a few streets away.  I know seeing something like that in real life would be freaky, but in this dream world, "random inexplicable environmental occurrences" are normal; they don't happen often, but when they do, we just ignore them.

The field trip was over and we were back in the classroom while the teacher was explaining the next group project.  Suddenly I felt mischievous... *shifty eyes*...The teacher's back was to me, and my classmates were in their own little worlds, so decided to set a nearby book on fire.  One thing to note here is I didn't use a match or lighter, I set the book on fire with my mind (oh yeah :D) I knew I was the only one with that ability, but I never told anyone so when the teacher turned and asked who did it I just looked as clueless as everyone else.  I could tell the teacher was trying to figure out "whodunnit", but in the end decided to believe it was a "random inexplicable environmental occurrence"....(phew!)
Then dream continues and fast forward, I was in university, sitting with a different set of classmates, though the teacher was the same one from before. Again I suddenly felt mischievous and decided to set another book on fire...*shifty eyes*... and again denied any knowledge it when the teacher asked who set the fire.  The teacher was definitely suspecting me as she was giving me the interrogating stare...but I held my ground and kept a straight face.  With no evidence linking me to the fire she had no choice but to again attribute the fire to "random inexplicable environmental occurrences"... (phew!).

 Though as soon as the teacher started the lesson again, one of my classmates turned to me and laughed and then whispered that he knows it was me who set the fire because he remembered the last time a mysterious fire appeared I was there too...(oh dear!)  I didn't realize any of my old classmates were with me.. :/  He didn't tell the teacher though , thank goodness, lol...(phew!)
I'm not sure why I was so mischievous in my dream, but I guess it's best to let that side out sometime, and it best be somewhere safe, lol.  
Another interesting thing to note (at least for my records), the one classmate who knew I set the fires is someone I knew in real life, all the other classmates were random people, and funny to say, I think he'd keep that info a secret in real life too, lol.

Thanks a lot for reading, I hope you enjoyed, let me know what you think :)  and I'll try to have some art in the next dream blogs :)

Until next time, sweet secret dreams :D


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